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Car Valet: The Perfect Cup Holder Insert for your Car

As we all tend to spend more and more time driving, our cars must also play host to a growing array of personal items and gadgets. If we’re driving more, we also need to keep an increasing amount of things on hand: a small cup of coffee, another cup filled with water (or another refreshing drink), the house keys (maybe even several sets of keys), sunglasses, headphones, a smartphone or two, a tablet, some small sports accessories perhaps, a snack and so on. For the ladies, the list can be even larger if we count cosmetic products we carry around on a personal basis (even if the ladies keep a handbag). In any case, the car tends to become a messy,...

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Five Must Have Car Accessories

While some auto owners see car accessories as being merely fashionable, they have important practical uses. Many of these accessories are excellent for emergencies, especially when you’re passing through a remote area where there are no gas stations, stores or towns for miles around. Additionally, purchasing the right car accessories will make your driving experience much easier and safer. There are many things that can go wrong while you’re on the road, and those who fail to prepare will suffer the consequences sooner or later. Below are the top 5 car accessories recommended by No one should be driving without them, especially if they’re traveling long distances. 1. Jumper Cables Cars have batteries, and sometimes these batteries die....

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Does the Fast Brite Lens Restorer Actually Work?

I believe every car owner has suffered from this one particular situation at one point or another: in time, your headlight become dull and ineffective due to being covered in dirt and grime. No matter how much you care for your car, this always seems to inevitably happen. Build up on your headlights may not seem like a big deal at first. In time, your headlights become dimmer and dimmer. Not only is this inconvenient, but it could also prove to be highly dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. When your headlights grow dim, driving at night becomes hazardous because of poor visibility. Luckily, the market created a solution to all of our problems: the Fast...

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Is Pops A Dent the Perfect Vehicle Dent Fixer?

They say that your car drops in value the moment you drive it off the lot. I believe it! It’s almost impossible to protect your car from the dents, dings and scratches that happen when it’s exposed to the elements (or other drivers). Recently, we’ve been looking into products that can address common issues that car owners have such as dings and dents. We investigated Pops A Dent, a product that supposedly allows you to just “pop” dents out of your car. Is Pops A Dent the perfect vehicle dent fixer? What we learned surprised us.   CLICK HERE TO SKIP THE REVIEW AND PURCHASE POPS A DENT THE PERFECT VEHICLE DENT FIXER How Pops A Dent the Perfect...

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The Fix It Pen Scratch Remover Review

One of my co-workers came in the other day in a very bad mood. Someone had keyed his car. He was looking at a hefty repair bill. Some of us got online and started looking around for a DIY car repair product. We happened upon the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover. We decided to investigate into it a bit more. The product sounded appealing: A simple pen that can easily take vanish scratches without expensive professionals getting involved. Read on to learn about what we discovered. How the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover Works The idea behind Fix It! is that you can use the product to simply paint over scratches on your car. Once the product is applied, the scratch...

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Detail Doctor Review

We’re a thrifty family and don’t feel a need to impress our neighbors with our cars. This means that we keep driving our vehicles even after the “new car look” fades away. Still, we don’t want to stick out like sore thumbs, so every year we send the cars off for professional detailing. The trouble is that this is an expensive process and keeps us from using our cars while they are at the shop. We try to keep our cars clean by washing them at home, but this is no substitute for professional detailing. One day my father mentioned that he’d found a product called Detail Doctor. He used the product to spruce up his car and it...

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