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Discover Virtual Reality on a Budget with the D Scope Pro

This year has already been touted the year of VR and the D Scope Pro is looking to help people ease into this transition with a fun and cheap option. Virtual Reality technology has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years. Some of the major hitters looking to capitalize on this new trend are the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the Playstation VR to name a few. All three are scheduled to release in the first half of  2016, and rumors have the cost coming in around the $300-500 mark. This is a hefty price tag to invest in any kind of technology, let alone a fledgling one. But virtual reality does appeal to the masses and...

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Why You Need Amazon’s New Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

There are several ways to access online streaming services today, but the best option might just be the new Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote from Amazon. This new remote is the same as the original Fire TV Stick but now comes equipped with a microphone so that you can use voice assist and the new Alexa voice recognition software that was introduced last year with the Amazon Echo. How the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote Works The Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote is nearly half the price of the Fire TV ($84.99) and it still gives you the same selection of services and apps. The only thing the new Amazon Fire device lacks is 4K video support and it...

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Does the Polaroid Snap Bring Fun Back to Photography?

I have more photos saved on my computer than I will ever know what to do with. Printing them out at home on my printer is fine, but replacing ink is expensive. And having my photos printed out by an outside source means that I have to leave my house, pick them up, AND spend money. What can be done? Well, Polaroid is bringing back a blast from the past. The new Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera solves all of these problems. This new take on the Polaroid instant camera marries classic analog photography with the modern digital age. I had to check this out. I’ve had my Polaroid Digital Camera now for a week. The Snap has its limitations but I think that the...

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Find Out If the Star Shower Laser Light is Worth Purchasing

I love decorating for Christmas. The inside of my house becomes a big light show. Not only the tree but the banisters and mantles also get the light show treatment. But the one area that gets ignored is the outside of my home. I don’t like heights and I don’t trust myself on a ladder. That’s why when I saw the Star Shower As Seen On Tv commercial (see below) I was intrigued. This looked like the perfect solution to my problem. So I decided to order one and see how it worked for myself. I thought that the price for the Star Shower was set a little high. But, if it works as advertised, I figured that it would...

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You’re Not Stupid if Colorama Interests You

Sometimes when I’m looking at my kid I think to myself what a great thing it is to just enjoy the simple things. Whether it’s playing with the same toy for an hour or crawling into an empty box and being completely content I long for the joys that are lost with childhood. And that brings us to this week’s review of the coloring book from Colorama as seen on tv. Colorama must have been reading my mind because it boasts that a fun and stress relieving activity is as simple as coloring in a book. That’s right, coloring. But this coloring book is no child’s toy. That’s right, this is an adult coloring book! The commercial claims that you’ll get lost in the Colorama...

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YoureNotStupid to Try the Waterproof GoPro Procam

As technology continues progressing, the ability to shoot high quality videos comes in the form of smaller and smaller packages. For instance, consider the Waterproof GoPro Procam. In the beginning, many experts considered GoPro cameras to be novelty ‘toys’ for amateurs outdoors men and sports enthusiasts. However, their longstanding popularity, thanks to YouTube and other social media outlets, proved the GoPro’s technological prowess and staying power to a mainstream audience. There’s little that this GoPro Hero can’t do. And, the best is the super affordable price which just about any beginner videographer can afford. How the Waterproof GoPro Procam Works The GoPro HERO is a new, popular model that needs little introduction in this day and age. YouTube is virtually flooded by videos of people practicing extreme sports...

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