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The Copper Fit Back Brace Pro Review

In today’s world, back pains have become a problem for virtually everyone no matter their age or level of physical activity. If you’re already past your mid-twenties, chances are that you’ve begun to experience some degree of back pain yourself as the result of an active life filled with intense workouts (which results in soreness and nerve tenderness in your back), or due to long office hours sitting at your desk (which leaves your lower back region tender and prone to nerve pain). I’m no stranger to the hassles of back pain. I’ve tried my fair share of pain relief products and felt more or less displeased with the results. When I saw the ad for the new Copper Fit back belt, I...

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P90X Review

It seems like the P90X pops up everywhere you look these days. You’ll see it on the TV in countless infomercials. Most of them are rather well produced and convincing. I’m certain that most of you know someone who is now totally ripped. Some of them may have reached this conclusion through one of the most hardcore (yet effective) workout programs out there. So, does the P90X actually work, or is it simply a case of an over-hyped fitness program for gullible people? Things are generally never so cut and dry. Luckily for you, I’ve actually tried out this product in today’s P90X review so that you will know if it’s right for you. Here are my thoughts on it. How the Product Works – P90X...

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YoureNotStupid to Try the Body Beast Workout

Occasionally, I’ll glance at my body in the reflection of the mirror and feel down about not working out more. Of course, this self disparaging behavior only makes me feel even more discouraged about the entire fuss of everything. I don’t mind the actual work I have to put into a proper workout program. I feel like all the little distractions that go along with working out waste valuable time in my life:  driving to and from the gym, changing and showering in the common locker rooms, investing in equipment and gear if I want to bring something home with me. Even if you’re willing to put in the time and money, you still must research all of the best methods and...

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Does the Copper Fit Knee Sleeve Work?

I suppose I’m just beginning to feel my age these days. I recently noticed that bending, kneeling and just everyday walking  sometimes feels uncomfortable. My doctor says that there’s nothing to be really concerned about. These symptoms serve as the normal side effects of aging.  Still, I want to be able to stay active and keep healthy for a long time. So, I began looking into options for treating my joint discomfort.  For the longest time, I couldn’t find much. I don’t qualify for surgery or medication. I’m not all that crazy about taking special supplements. In addition, many so-called knee braces are bulky and uncomfortable. A few months ago, a close friend told me about the Copper Fit Knee...

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What’s So Special About the Beachbody 21 Day Fix Results?

We’ve reviewed a lot of fitness and diet programs here on You’re Not Stupid. We’ve found some really great and innovative systems weight loss systems. Still, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a healthy, lifelong plan of exercise and healthy eating.  We recently decided that we wanted to find a system that was distinctly different from many of the programs that we’ve reviewed in the past. Our goal was simplicity: We wanted to find a program that didn’t require a lot of special equipment, special foods or complicated workouts. We also noticed that a lot of programs out there were heavy on exercise, but generally gave only limited information on proper diet strategies. Fortunately, we stumbled upon...

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Is the Kruncher the Ultimate Ab Machine?

It seems like no matter what we do to stay in shape, weight around our midsection remains a huge problem. One difficulty is that traditional situps and crunches rely on repetition, but offer no real resistance. That means we spend a lot of time on these exercises but don’t always get great results. One alternative is going to the gym and working out on ab machines. Not everyone has that kind of time or money. Fortunately, celebrity trainer Lee Reherman, also known as “The Sarge,”  invented a home exercise device that lets you target your abs so that you can get a decent workout in only five minutes per day! Today, we settle the question once and for all...

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