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Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Kids? 6 Home Services to Make Sure You Are

How many times have you though that there are not enough hours in a day? If you are anything like I was, it is too many. Between work commitments, family commitments, travelling, and household chores, I was one of the 33% of parents (according to USA Today) who do not spend enough time with their children. No longer though, I have now finished with rushing around to organize my life; now I let other people do the rushing around for me. Here’s how I have used home services to strip hours out of my daily routines. Laundry Service This one was a no brainer for me, and the start of my time efficiency drive. I was spending too much...

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The WhipTide Dual Deck Caster Carve Board Review

Children absolutely love skateboards. Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes. The latest addition to the skateboard family market is the caster carve board. It boasts a unique design and wonderful maneuverability capabilities that will completely change the snowboarding experience. One of the best caster boards on the market right now is WhipTide. We’ll explore this product further in the WhipTide dual deck caster Carve Board review. Manufacturers have invested a lot of time and effort into this latest product. WhipTide is fun, safe, and isn’t very expensive. Additionally, this caster board wasn’t designed only for children. Adults with no skateboarding experience can easily ride it to work, or accompany their youngsters on carve boarding adventures. The WhipTide Dual Deck Caster Carve...

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The Amazing LullaPets Musical Companions Sing to Your Children

Ever had trouble putting your precious little angel down to sleep for a full night’s rest? We’re pretty sure no parent out there can say that they haven’t. That’s what makes LullaPets The Musical Companions collection such a great product. Watch as the amazing LullaPets musical companions sing to your children. They combine the cute cuddliness of your kid’s favorite plush toy with the voice customization capacities of a state-of-the-art MP3 player. The device is remote controlled and features a high-quality speaker to ensure your child actually feels comforted as they are lulled to peaceful sleep by your voice. You can strap LullaPets to a crib, stroller, or car seat head rest. You can even shuffle through the playlist and...

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Lumi Doh

I grew up playing with children’s modeling clay and it was fun stuff, but it had its downsides. The colors tended to be dull and there was no way to make my creations permanent. Still, it seemed to be the only option for working with kids, so I bought some when I had my own family. One day, I was visiting my sister and the kids were all excited about this new modeling material called “Lumi Doh.” I asked my sister what it was and found out that it was so much better than the stuff we played with as kids. It was brightly colored and could even glow in the dark! It adhered to surfaces and could even...

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Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals Review

While I’m not a nurse, sometimes I feel like I am when dealing with my kids. They are pretty healthy, but they do get colds and the flu, as well as bumps and bruises from playing outside like most kids do. Normally I’ve used heating pads or cold packs for the kids, depending on what their condition is, but these options can be frustrating. Heating pads require the user to be near an outlet, and traditional ice packs can leak and don’t seem to stay cold for very long. Plus, none of these options are particularly kid-friendly or eco-friendly as they contain strange gels and chemicals. Then my mother-in-law told me about Thermal-Aid, stuffed animals that double as hot/cold...

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Seat Pets Review

Let’s face it, road trips with kids can be a real chore: The kids get cranky, particularly since they are strapped into their seats. Even if they eventually drop off to sleep, they tend to be sore when they wake up, because their heads droop and the seat belt cuts into their neck. I know that my kids were always complaining that they were bored and had nothing to do on trips. We would end up making a lot of stops so that the kids could get out and run around, making our trips take a lot longer than they should. Still, there wasn’t much we could do about it. So whenever we went for a long drive, we, and...

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