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Callous Clear Review

I live in a cold climate and I wear sandals a lot in the summer, two things that can really do a number on my feet. My heels, in particular, get very dry and calloused, which is not only uncomfortable, but very embarrassing. While regular pedicures certainly help, they tend to be expensive and with several kids, I just don’t have the time to make a visit to the beauty salon every couple of weeks. I’ve seen elaborate “foot spa” products online and in stores, but they seemed expensive and complicated, so I pretty much decided to suffer in silence while occasionally splurging on a pedicure. Then a friend told me about Callous Clear. I gave it a try...

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ElimiTag Review – ElimiTag vs Tag Away – Which is More Effective?

One day I was putting on a sweater when I felt a sharp pain under my arm. I went over to the mirror to see what was going on and I saw that my sweater had got caught on an ugly skin tag. My mother had them and I knew how much she hated it when clothes and jewelry got caught on them. They’re also unsightly, so she kept having to go to the doctor to get them removed. I was not looking forward to dealing with this. I mentioned the skin tag to my sister and she told me that she had the same problem, but was dealing with it by using ElimiTag. She told me that it...

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Pedi Spin Review – PediSpin vs PedEgg

I love wearing sandals and open-back shoes, but I have to admit that this tendency can result in dry, unsightly calluses. I do my best to keep them in check, but I’m often really busy and can’t always make it to the nail shop for a pedicure. I’ve also tried gadgets like the PedEgg, but developed pain in my wrists because of the constant up and down motion required to use it. Plus, the PedEgg takes a while since you have to do everything manually. I’d come to the conclusion that I’d just have to put up with the calluses until I could make it to the salon or keep using the PedEgg even though it bothered my wrists...

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