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Broda Skincare Acne System: The Miracle Acne Remover

I grew up in the 80s. I remember what it was like trying to deal with acne. Mine wasn’t that bad. Still, I had to address breakouts on my chin and jaw. Back then, we didn’t have a lot of options: Treatments were messy and irritating. In fact, they’d make my skin look worse than before treatment. The medicine would make my face get dry and red. Plus everyone could tell I was using acne medication as it would dry up into this white, cakey powder.┬áTimes have changed. Now my teenage daughter needs to address breakouts. While modern medications are more effective and often gentler, she still has issues with redness and irritation after using them. One day, my...

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NightSkin Review

I’ve always tried to take good care of myself, but let’s face it, time marches on for everyone and lately, my face was showing signs of age. I tried using expensive creams from the department stores, but I wasn’t seeing much difference and was beginning to wonder if I should see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. I hated the idea of paying for chemical treatments, but didn’t really think I had any options, particularly for my age spots and uneven skintone. I was getting ready to make an appointment with a doctor when a friend told me about NightSkin. She said it was an overnight treatment that really made a difference in her skin. Even better, it wasn’t expensive...

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