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Flex Seal and Flex Seal Brite Review

Flex Seal and Flex Seal Brite Review

Review of: Flex Seal

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On September 22, 2012
Last modified:January 13, 2016


flex sealHome ownership is great, but one of the things I miss the most about my old apartment is being able to call my landlord and asking him to make repairs. Leaky gutters and roofs are now the responsibility of my husband and myself, which used to mean that we’d have to call, and pay, a handyman to deal with the problems. Even worse, we’d sometimes have to wait days before the handyman could show up, leaving us to deal with the consequences of the leaks.

We’d resigned ourselves to having to wait and pay for a handyman to deal with household leaks when my father-in-law gave us a call. He was pretty excited and told us about Flex Seal. He was able to use it to stop a leak in his garage roof and couldn’t be happier with how it worked. We decided to order some for ourselves and used it on a gutter that kept giving us problems. Sure enough, during the next rain storm it held up great and we are so glad that we bought it! There is also a new version out called Flex Seal Brite. It works the exact same but instead of coming out black in color, it’s white. This makes it a little easier to paint over it after it dries.

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How it Works

Flex Seal is liquid rubber that bonds to surfaces, creating a seal that is air and water tight. What’s so great about it is that it comes in a spray can: If you can use a can of spray paint, you can use Flex Seal to make everyday repairs around your home.

Once you identify a leak, you just need to spray the area with an even coat of Flex Seal. The company definitely recommends spraying it on in several layers for the best results. After you’ve sealed the area, Flex Seal takes about 24 hours to dry completely. You should be aware, though that the weather will affect Flex Seal’s drying time, so if it is very damp or wet when you use it, give it extra time to dry completely.

flex seal brite

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are plenty of reasons to buy and use Flex Seal:


  • You can repair leaks right away. Nothing is worse than living in a leaky house and dealing with the noise and buckets and water damage.
  • It stays flexible and doesn’t crack, even in extreme weather.
  • It works on many types of surfaces, including roofs, planters, doors, gutters and even screens.
  • Once Flex Seal dries, you can paint over it.

Like anything, though, there are also some disadvantages to Flex Seal:


  • You can’t use it on car tires.
  • It only comes in two colors, white or black.
  • As an aerosol product, it can only be shipped via ground service. This means that it can take a bit long to arrive, though this time frame goes down to 5-7 days if you get priority mailing.

How to Buy It

Last I heard, Flex Seal and Flex Seal Brite aren’t available in stores, so you’ll have to find it online. I got mine from the official website and they doubled my order (I just paid extra shipping) and they also gave me a free AeroGrip Sprayer, which is great for getting an even coat. Plus, their site offers a money back guarantee. I’m not sure what other sites offer, but just getting the guarantee gave me peace of mind that I wouldn’t be wasting my money.

Click Here to purchase Flex Seal from the official website.

Final Recommendation

Honestly, I can’t see why any homeowner wouldn’t want to have a can or two of Flex Seal or Flex Seal Brite around. It’s great for handling household repairs and saves you a ton of money over hiring a handyman to come over every time you have to deal with a leak. And now that it comes in 2 colors, there are even more uses for it around your home. I am sure you will be happy you purchased it.