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What’s the Value of Celebrity Endorsements?

Marketers today are not hesitant to play the “celebrity endorsements card.” Society often obsessed with Hollywood. In...

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The 9 Best Infomercial Products of All Time (Videos)

What are the best infomercial products of all time? If we judge them by their public image and how well they sell, the...

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The 6 Greatest Infomercial Salespeople

“Hey, what is that guy’s name? You remember. The infomercial guy!”Ever caught yourself asking that question?Here’s...

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YoureNotStupid to Try the Waterproof GoPro Procam

As technology continues progressing, the ability to shoot high quality videos comes in the form of smaller and smaller...

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Christian Gifts that Keep on Giving

No matter what the occasion, if you have a Christian friend or family member you are shopping for to find the perfect...

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Guitar Made Easy

My teenagers recently started bugging me about taking guitar lessons. A friend of the family was kind enough to give...

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