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The 7 Greatest Infomercial Fails: How (Not) to Roll Out a Product

If you live in the U.S. and watch TV, you’ve likely seen an infomercial. But do these products work? While many...

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The Copper Fit Back Brace Pro Review

In today’s world, back pains have become a problem for virtually everyone no matter their age or level of physical...

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P90X Review

It seems like the P90X pops up everywhere you look these days. You’ll see it on the TV in countless...

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YoureNotStupid to Try the Body Beast Workout

Occasionally, I’ll glance at my body in the reflection of the mirror and feel down about not working out more....

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Does the Copper Fit Knee Sleeve Work?

I suppose I’m just beginning to feel my age these days. I recently noticed that bending, kneeling and just...

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What’s So Special About the Beachbody 21 Day Fix Results?

We’ve reviewed a lot of fitness and diet programs here on You’re Not Stupid. We’ve found some really...

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