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Sani Sticks Review: Everything You Need To Know

What is a Sani Stick? The answer is simple. Sani Sticks are sanitation sticks that have the purpose of cleaning and...

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Simply Straight Review – Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

Purchasing an ‘As Seen on TV’ item is often a gamble. These products are marketed as the next big thing and meant to...

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Dash Cam Pro Review – A Video Recording Devices

If you happen to listen to or watch the news any, you’ve probably heard of something called a dashcam, or dashboard...

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Orbitrim Review – Possible Issues With The Orbitrim

Orbitrim is made to trim grass with a metal blade. The Orbitrim is made with a safety ring that also protects flowers...

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Roto Clipper Review – A Breakdown Of Features And Benefits

Quick Navigation A Breakdown of Features and BenefitsThe Roto ClipperRoto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer and Nail File,...

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As Seen on T.V. Products: Rotorazer Review

If you’re feeling that itch of spring construction hit, you may be starting to think through your needed power tools...

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