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The Grab Bags Reusable Grocery Bags

Spring is here and along with it, we may have much shopping ahead of us. Along with the warm season that comes, so do...

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Scratch Aide Wood Scratch Repair Solution

I don’t know about you, but when spring comes, I’m always hit by a sudden desire to do a general and thorough clean-up...

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Eggstractor Review

If you’re anything like me, then you would gladly do away with a ton of small menial jobs around the kitchen – such as...

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The InVinceable Cleaning Spray Review – YoureNotStupid

Have you missed Vince Offer (aka: ‘the ShamWow guy ’)? I can’t quite say that I have, but I will admit I was curious...

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The Original Fleece Snuggie Blanket Review

You’ve definitely heard about the Snuggie blanket – the world’s most popular blanket with sleeves. It seems such a...

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The Incredible Shamwow Towel

I hate it when it rains, not solely because the weather is dull, grey, and boring, but because the whole house becomes...

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