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Cat’s Meow Toy Review

Cat’s Meow Toy Review

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We’ve got two cats at home and while we love them to death, both pose some special challenges. Our oldest cat, Mimi, is sedentary and overweight, while Roscoe, the younger cat is full of energy. We needed to get Mimi’s weight down, but Roscoe plays too rough for her. Unfortunately, Roscoe himself gets bored with no playtime, and starts attacking our drapes and even knocking things off furniture.

Our vet didn’t offer a lot of help, other than to suggest that we put Mimi on a special diet and keep Roscoe in one room while we are out of the house. Then a friend of ours, who also has cats, told us about the Cat’s Meow toy. This is a great, automated cat toy that works wonders with both cats. Both are getting the stimulation and exercise that they need, and Mimi’s lost weight and Roscoe no longer destroys my curtains.

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How It Works

Cat’s Meow is a yellow fabric disk with a little device that resembles a mouse running underneath it. When you turn Cat’s Meow on (just push a button) the “mouse” begins scrambling under the cloth, attracting your cat’s attention. The device keeps running no matter how often your cat manages to make a catch. Even better, the device switches directions and speeds, holding your cat’s interest.

Check out this video of 2 cats playing with the toy. It seems to hold their interest pretty well unlike a lot of cat toys:


Pros and Cons

Like anything, Cat’s Meow has its pros and cons. Here are a few of both:


  • Unlike some cat toys, such as dangling feather rods, you don’t need to be present for Cat’s Meow to work.
  • Jingle and foil balls can get caught behind furniture or in corners. This makes a mess for you to clean up and eventually your cat will get bored of trying to retrieve them. With Cat’s Meow, this is no longer an issue.
  • Great exercise for overweight cats.
  • Keeps younger cats, particularly those that are the only household cat, occupied and out of mischief.
  • Speeds up and slows down automatically. Keeps your cat interested while also providing a workout.
  • Light and portable, you can use Cat’s Meow in any room.
  • Cat’s Meow entertains humans as well: My family loves to watch the cats play with this wonderful toy.


  • Only comes in one color.
  • Sometimes if the cats get too rough, they can knock the “mouse” off the rotating motor and you will have to put it back on


Where to Buy

The best place to buy your Cat’s Meow toy is online from the official website. You’ll get a money back guarantee and they’ll even double your order (i.e. you’ll get two Cat’s Meow toys) for the cost of shipping and handling only.


Final Recommendation

If you have cats, Cat’s Meow is a no-brainer. It keeps your cats entertained and exercised without creating additional work for you. All you do is turn it on and let the toy do it’s job. Get a couple for your cats and I’m sure you’ll see a big difference in their behavior. Since you get a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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  1. Very nice review. This toy is great for me because I’m a pet lover and have 3 cats that really enjoy playing with it and it keeps them busy all day. I definitely recommend it.

    • Thanks Pat, glad you like the review and more glad that your cats are enjoying it 🙂

  2. my cat played with it for a hot 2 minutes hasen’t looked at it since…

    • Yeah unfortunately with cats, some can be very picky with what they will play with. Maybe try to add some catnip to it or put a treat on the toy or something to get him back interested?

  3. This is fabulous for keeping kitties busy!! I have 6 cats, a couple that are over weight and a couple that are over energized! This wears everyone out!!

    • That’s awesome Emily. Glad your cats are getting some good use out of this toy.

  4. Cool Product, thanks for the review.

  5. Overall great toy. Needs pause or remote function

    • Yes a remote would be really cool with this toy actually. Maybe in the future they will incorporate it or another similar toy will.

  6. Bought this at Walgreens last night. My one cat loved it! Finally shut it off to give him a break. This morning, I turned it back on and it didn’t work! Not even on the hard wood floor and another pack of batteries! I’m taking it back.

  7. My cat does not like any toys. This one she loves.It actually keeps her off my keyboard. Bought one for my grand cat and she also loves it. Wish it came with a furry mouse.

  8. My 1 year old Bengal cat loves the toy, and will sit on it until it is turned on. Unfortunately she destroyed the motor in less than 3 weeks. She unwrapped it on Christmas, and by January 7th it no longer works. The gears are stripped, and she ripped a nice hole in the yellow skirt. I am hoping that I just had a fluke bad unit, and I will be buying another one to test out. If a second unit goes bad this quickly, I will know that they are not Bengal proof.

    • My cat loved this toy and it kept her entertained and exercised which is exactly why I bought it. However, she destroyed it within 6 weeks. She ripped holes in the cover and threw it around until it quit working. I tried to fix it but finally had to toss it. I am thinking of getting the “2 for 1” deal offered with hopes that we can keep the game around for a longer period of time.

  9. I got one of these from my daughter with no instructions. I put the batteries in and my husband figured out how to put the yellow cloth down over the hub where the button is. They are brand new batteries. What are we doing wrong?

  10. My kitty enjoyed the toy so much she worn it out!!! She would hold the arm so tight that now it won’t hardly move… She is a senior that is overweight and I figured it would help… I guess I will be ordering another one soon..

  11. We had issues with the worm gear coming off the rod. We had to fix it in order for our 2 cats to continue playing with it. Exchanged it store of purchase. Feel the design should be examined. Great idea though.

  12. my cat didn’t care for this toy, but it did entertain her for about 3 minutes then she walked away and never played with it again

  13. I have one, worked for about two weeks and now has quit working. Changed the batteries but nothing. Unfortunately, I threw the box away so I can not even return it.:(

  14. After getting over their initial apprehensions both of my cats play with it. One plays sparingly, but the other one loves it and even plays with it when it is not on. She just likes laying next to it sometimes. My problem is that after six weeks it just stopped working and there is no way to troubleshoot it. This is after I spent extra $$$’s on rechargeable batteries and a charger. She is wondering what happened to her toy. Any suggestions???

  15. It’s pretty good, I have 2 cats …the one is mildly interested and the other is all over it.
    The one that is all over it is pretty smart and has figured out that if you lay on it….it will stop. They lose interest fairly quick so it’s better to be there so you can shut it off and conserve battery.

  16. Cat enjoys the toy very much but toy didn’t last a month Good we had a second Gears wore out very fast

    Thank you

  17. We have gone through three of these toys. they did not last more than a couple hours before becoming inoperative. The batteries were still good, but the units will not work. Thankfully Target gave us our money back.

  18. I’ve had less than one week. My cats love it! However, The black cap that goes on to keep the yellow cover on wasn’t in the box. I contacted Cat’s Meow and they were fast to respond but they sent the yellow cover instead. I emailed back ready to send the cover back for the cap when Kitty snapped off the moving arm. I wrote them back telling them never mind. The toy is beyond repair. Great toy but for 20 bucks didn’t last long. But they all had fun while it lasted!

  19. had the to for about 4 days before my kitten who is only 9 months has torn the cover from the seam. this will be te second on we replaced due to the fact that the cover i easily torn from seam… becasue that Kitten (Zane) loves it..

  20. Molly got one for Thanksgiving from her cousin Finn the poodle. She played with it for 3+ months with numerous repairs to the gears by my handy husband. When I went on line to order a backup toy (it was now her best friend) I ended up ordering 4; still not sure how but… Those 4 toys did not last as long as the 1st one; they just stopped or stalled or got hung up on the yellow skirt..It was sad to watch her. I went to Walgreens and bought another. It also didn’t work so hot. I called the on line site and they happily sent me 2 more at N/C. My husband just set up one of the new toys and IT IS GETTING HUNG UP ON THE SKIRT TOO! Now, Molly the cat and me the human are both sad. What can we do? Stronger batteries? I loved the suggestion on remote turn on!!

  21. Just bought it at Walmart on clearance for $1.50. AT the moment, I’ll give it some stars. My two cats weren’t interested in it and I don’t blame them as the red stick is kinda dull. I tied a soft toy mouse to it and now they are interested. Perhaps this extra weight will keep it from getting stuck in the skirt and perhaps slow the gears down some. We’ll see, but I recommend for all to tie a cat toy to it for your cat’s sake. Without it, they looked at it for a minute without interaction. With it, they’ve been entertained by it for at least a 1/2 hour, the female cat longer.

  22. My two cats love this toy, but it must be very poorly made because we now have three broken ones. How do I get my money back or a replacement? I do not have the receipt.

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  24. My cats love to play with this toys! I would give it 6 stars if it would last longer than a few months. Every time one stops working, I say that is the last time, and then I order another. But after thinking about how much money I have tied up in these cheaply made imports, I have decided I have to find better made US products. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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