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Detail Doctor Review

Detail Doctor Review


We’re a thrifty family and don’t feel a need to impress our neighbors with our cars. This means that we keep driving our vehicles even after the “new car look” fades away. Still, we don’t want to stick out like sore thumbs, so every year we send the cars off for professional detailing. The trouble is that this is an expensive process and keeps us from using our cars while they are at the shop. We try to keep our cars clean by washing them at home, but this is no substitute for professional detailing.

One day my father mentioned that he’d found a product called Detail Doctor. He used the product to spruce up his car and it had never looked better. He told me to look it up online and order a bottle. I did, and I can honestly say that now our cars look great. . .all without having to spend extra money for car detailing. We’re thrilled!

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How It Works

Detail Doctor is a liquid vinyl, leather and plastic restorer that brings back the color and shine of your vehicle. You can use it on everything from your headlights to your dashboard, leather, bumpers, mirrors, and practically every part of your vehicle (both interior and exterior). Anywhere that you see needs a bit more shine to it, just wipe it with Detail Doctor and it should bring back that new car look.

To use, simply take the detail applicators and brush and spread a thin coating of Detail Doctor on your vehicle and wipe it down in a circular motion. Allow to dry for a few hours before applying a second coat if needed. The product is designed for non-professionals and you won’t have to visit a detail shop or wait for days for your car to be serviced and returned to you.

Here is a video of an actual customer using Detail Doctor on her truck’s headlights. You can see the big difference between the one where she used the product and the one where she didn’t:


Pros and Cons

Like anything, Detail Doctor has its pros and cons, though I think that the product is great:


  • Greaseless solution won’t make a mess.
  • Restores the look of your vehicle without the cost of professional detailing.
  • Get a like-new look for your vehicle in just a few hours.
  • One product for any vehicle, no need to match colors.
  • One Detail Doctor application can keep your vehicle looking great for up to a year!


  • Lasts for about a year, you’ll have to reapply then.
  • Won’t restore serious damage, like cracks.
  • Important to wash applicators immediately after each use for safety reasons.

How to Buy

I’d recommend buying fromĀ They currently have it on sale for a really cheap price (around $13 at the time I’m writing this). And with Amazon, if you don’t like the way it works you can always send it back for a refund.

Final Recommendation

If you want your car to look great, but paying for professional detailing is out of your budget, give Detail Doctor a try. It’s a complete kit that will get your car looking great, without a lot of expense.

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  1. I was extremely skeptical when I invested the $15. I waited for a nice warm day to apply as directed. I must admit, prior to applying the Detail Doctor, I told myself, “if this product does not work as stated…..I’ll NEVER watch Counting Cars again.” Well, about in an hour later…….this s&it works!!! I own a 2003 Chevy Avalanche (w/ Cladding). This product did not fair so well on my headlights…..but after seeing the shine back in my Cladding, I could care less. For $15 you can’t go wrong.

    • Glad you enjoy the product. I agree, for $15 it’s certainly worth the price and it works really well. Counting Cars is a great show too, even if Detail Doctor didn’t work I’m not sure I could stop watching it haha.

  2. i bought detail dr and it looks awesome on my trailblazer. here’s my question… i have a leather living room suit…. can i put it on my leather sofa???? and will it get hot?

    • Hey Cheryl,

      To be honest I’m not sure if it can be used on a leather sofa or not. If I had to guess, I would say it should be fine since it works for the leather in a car. However I’m no expert on that stuff and I’m not sure if the leather on a sofa is different from what’s in a car. What I would do if I were you is test it out on a small part of the sofa that is hidden and see what happens. That way if you were to get a bad reaction for some reason, nobody will be able to notice it.

      If you do try it out, would you mind letting us know how it went?


    • Yeah sure, I did mine but it took nearly the whole bottle
      Great results though !

  3. Detail dr. Works well because it is mostly Linseed Oil ! You can go to the hardware store and buy a quart for 4 bucks! But no matter which you use, anytime you use linseed oil, you HAVE to clean the applicators fully!!!! Linseed oil Can and DOES self-combust- don’t burn down your house or garage for shiny bumpers !

    • Thanks for the tip on the Linseed oil Chris. I’ve never tried using it myself, but may give it a shot.

  4. I use this product to clean my knife collection with. I find that it also works on wooden handles. Linseed oil was used on gun stocks and metal parts when we cleaning our M-14 rifles at Parris Island,USMC recruit depot,thank you,rdb.

  5. I had faded bumpers and dash. Detail doctor brought them back to life. Even after 5 washes my bumper still shined. I tried on tires doesnt work well at all. Detail doctor brought the shine back to my car.

  6. I was really surprised to see how easy this product applied. My bumpers look fantastic and smell good too.

  7. a lot of car detailers and car yards for a quick detail use auto trans fluid just buff it well and it shines great for couple of weeks works good on fded paint and clear coat and bumpers and vinyl., this product id expensive here in oz $20 at big w,for detail doctor

  8. Really good site, thank you very much for your time in writing this post.

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