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Should You Take a Chance on the Gotham Steel Pans? 24.95

Should You Take a Chance on the Gotham Steel Pans?

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Review of: Gotham Steel
Price varies based on the size of the pan, but the cheapest pan is $24.95

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On April 30, 2016
Last modified:June 6, 2018


Gotham Steel pans are nonstick frying pans that are made of aluminum and a ceramic coating. Foods and ingredients are supposed to slide right out of the pan. While great in theory, the product does not do what it claims.

Gotham Steel pans are described being “ultra nonstick” and free from PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS. It is made of aluminum and has a ceramic coating that is supposed to keep foods from sticking to the pan.

In theory, the Gotham Steel pan is an excellent concept. The pan is supposed to keep foods from sticking. In fact, foods are supposed to slide right out of the pan after you have finished cooking them. Gotham Pans are also supposed to be rust proof and versatile. The product descriptions claim that the pans are versatile and can be used to cook foods in the oven, broiler, or on the stove. Also, the pan is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. These pans are supposed to be a great alternative other nonstick pans that contain Teflon. If you want to learn more about Gotham Steel pans, continue reading. We will discuss the cons and pros of purchasing and using the Gotham Steel pans.

How Do Gotham Steel Pans Work?

gotham steeelDo you want to how Gotham Steel pans work? We will tell you all about them! Gotham Steel pans are made of aluminum and they have a ceramic coating that is supposed to keep all foods and ingredients from sticking to the pan. The product advertisements claim that even burnt foods like eggs, cheese, and chocolate will slide out of the pan with ease. Gotham Steel pans are supposed to be a better, healthier alternative to pans that contain chemicals like Teflon.

In order to use the Gotham Steel pan, you are not supposed to have to do any prep work. This means, you should not have to use oil, sprays, or butter to keep foods from sticking to the pan. The ceramic coating is supposed to keep your foods from sticking on its own. When your food is finished cooking, the product advertisement claims that you can tilt the pan to the side and your food will slide right out with ease. Cleaning up the Gotham Steel pan is also supposed to be very easy. You can put it in the dishwasher or wash it out by hand.

Check Out the T-fal Total Nonstick Fry Pan Instead

Gotham Steel Advantages/Disadvantages


  • The Gotham Pan is made from aluminum and it has a stainless steel handle
  • The pan is rust proof
  • The pan is very versatile and can be used in the oven, in the broiler, and on the stove
  • Gotham Steel pans can be used in the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • There are no PFOAs, PTFEs, and PFOS in the pan
  • You can purchase the pan in several different sizes in order to accommodate your cooking needs
  • Gotham pans can be safely washed in the dishwasher
  • The price is good for this type of pan
  • Foods heat evenly and thoroughly in Gotham Pans
  • The handle of the pan is made from stainless steel and the base of the pan is made of aluminum


  • The finish on the pan started peeling offer shortly some customers first began using the pan
  • Some customers received pans that were scratched or dented
  • Many customers complained that foods burnt onto the pan even when they used butter, oil, or sprays (please note that the promo ads for the pan claimed no greases/oils were necessary)
  • Various foods had to be scrubbed out of the bottom of the pan despite the claims that ingredients would slide right out of the pan with ease
  • The pans heat up very quickly which can cause foods to burn

Check Out the T-fal Total Nonstick Fry Pan Instead

Where to Purchase Gotham Steel pans

You can purchase the various sized Gotham Steel pan Amazon website. There, you will find information about what pan sizes are available to purchase. You can also price out the pans and determine which one best suits your budget.

Overall Assessment of Gotham Steel pans

Based on the Gotham Steel reviews on the Amazon page and our experience using it, we would not recommend this product. Unfortunately, we ultimately felt that the product does not do what it advertises. This is not the best non stick frying pan choice out there.

There are other green pans that do not contain Teflon or other harmful chemicals but actually do what they claim to do; ie: prevent foods and ingredients from sticking without the use of oils or greases. Additionally, many of these competing pans cost the same amount or less.

We found that foods such as eggs and cheese tended to stick to the cooking area and had to be soaked off in the sink. We also had to scrape and scour the pan.

Although the price is reasonable for the size of the pans, we believe this is not a good investment since the product does not do what it claims to do. When it comes to Gotham Steel pans, the cons outweigh the pros. We recommend that you check out the T-fal Total Nonstick Fry Pan instead. It costs about the same amount and is much more durable. Overall, we give the Gotham Steel pans a C-.

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  1. I agree that the performance of this pan fell short of my expectations. I got one just before Christmas 2015. It’s not nearly a stick-free as it shows on the ads. I am further disappointed with Gotham Steel because my order was to have included an omelet maker for just the S&H. I was really keen on getting that item. That’s why I ordered the pan in the first place. It never came. After multiple phone calls to their “customer service” department, which appears to be outsourced, I was told on May 24th that there never were any omelet makers. On May 25th, I was told that my order for the omelet maker had been re-input and would be shipped from existing stock. I found the order on-line and noticed it was “temporarily out of stock”. Today, June 7, 2016, I was told that the manufacturer cancelled my order and that they never supplied any of these to anyone. I figured temporarily out of stock implied they’d had stock at some point. I was wrong. If you can’t believe what they say in their ads, why would you buy anything from them? I sure won’t. Never again.

    • Yeah, we were disappointed with the product’s performance. But, what you experienced is completely unacceptable.

      • It has a certain tough film that when new it will not stick. But the non stick film is good only one to 3 months the most and that’s the end of non stick copper and it will start sticking everything you cook even with oil on it. Not only Gotham company.Almost every single one of them show the same gimmick. Non stick for couple of use for $19.95.These people makes million and million before the government catch up with them. By then they are already wealthy as Hell !

    • It has a certain tough film that when new it will not stick. But the non stick film is good only one to 3 months the most and that’s the end of non stick copper and it will start sticking everything you cook even with oil on it. Not only Gotham company.Almost every single one of them show the same gimmick. Non stick for couple of use for $19.95.These people makes million and million before the government catch up with them. By then they are already wealthy as Hell !

    • I agree the pan was great for the first week or so but then everything started to stick it was really difficult to clean after use, I have three and they all stick Very disappointed.

  2. Absolutely DOES stick. Had to scrub the pan each time. An egg sliding off? Hah!!!

    • Yeah. That was pretty much our experience too.

      • It’s garbage. The only advertised thing this pan does is heat-up. About the only item that doesn’t stick and require scraping is water.

      • Piss poor had to argue with them to get replacements I should have taken the cash refund instead of replacing 4 Skillets DO NOT BUY.

  3. My mother-in-law seasoned hers and she said foods slide off. But it doesn’t say that in the directions. I didn’t and my food sticks. I spray with cooking spray to keep it from sticking.


  5. I just received my new 9.5″ Gotham Steel pan. I have used it for 3 days in a row, cooking what I always have cooked with my Rachael Ray Green Pan. With the Green Pan, I always had to use oil to cook. With the Gotham Steel Pan I haven’t used oil yet and the food never sticks to the pan. With the Green pan, food stuck even using oil. I had to throw out the Green pan after having it for less than a year. So far, the Gotham Steel pan is everything advertised.

  6. I was disappointed that an egg does not slide out ot the pan. It stuck to the skillet.

  7. I purchased a Gotham steel fry pan and have been using it for about 2 moths now. I have not had any food stick and it does in fact pretty much slide out of the pan. The pan heats very quickly so you need to use a lower heat setting, as with any type of fry pan if you crank the heat and do not control the temps anything will in fact burn and stick. I would recommend this pan.

  8. I had just bought the small gotham fry pan and the first thing I tried was eggs which stuck and were hard to remove in one piece from the pan . I thought maybe I need to lower the heat more , so second attempt was no better. The company says they guarantee the product, but the shipping and handling is about the same price as what I paid for the pan since I had used Kohl’s cash towards it. I am just glad I didn’t pay full price for it!

  9. WE have the whole set. Been cooking with them for quite a while. Start off by saying that they do not work like on tv after a few uses.
    However, we have cast iron and stainless pans that we used before and we tried them against the Gotham steel. I now use butter and found much better results. The Gotham pan cooked better than the other two types of pans in that there was less burning and with using a little and I mean little butter clean up was much easier. Mostly I just wipe or take the hot pan hit it with water and the remaining stuck residue comes off. They cooked faster on lower heat than my other pans and got done quicker. While they do not do what the manufacturer states with non stick they make up in quickness, less heat used and with butter (NOT OIL) we have learned to cook very well with these pans. real good on sauces or things with liquids. Will stick on dryer things like meats, bacon, eggs but with a little butter works well would not say great but makes clean up easier. I have made the best hash browns (with butter) and pancakes (with butter) than I have ever made but not as they claim with no butter or oil. Oil seems to make things stick more.
    I uses them every day they do scratch but it does not seem to make much difference. Have had them over a year.
    I also wanted the omlet maker but was told they were out and got a refund. That is what I was mainly interested in when I started to get these pans. We have almost every piece they sell.
    This is a product you have to learn how to cook with but if you do it with the right amount of butter or fluids works well and can give you a better finished product.
    The example above was a veggie dish I did in both the Gotham pan and a stainless steel pan at the same time. The Gotham pan cooked faster, no burning because we kept stirring and it looked better less mushy.
    The stainless pan stuck to the bottom, had some burning even with sturring, and took almost twice as long to cook. Just wiped the Gotham pan (lots of moisture, water in this recipe no butter) while I needed a scouring pad on the stainless.

  10. I ordered a frying pan, loaf pan, and baking pan. Received it after waiting 6 weeks, and they literally look like a chain saw was used on them!! Brand new?? Are you serious? Definitely would not recommend, and I haven’t even used them yet! Cutting my ties, and lost. They will not be in business long!!!

  11. everything stick eggs bacon hambugers its a big joke

  12. Have lots of the pans, from all the mfr. and work great, have to add a little butter or oil to most foods but clean up is just a little soap and wipe out with scour pad rinse and all is good

  13. Love the pan. Have had it for 2 years and it looks like new. I use it at least 4 times a week

  14. This fry pan when frying bacon left a mess that never came off. We kept using it and now requires soaking and scraping every use. The company has a gaurentee but it costs more to ship it than it’s worth . I’m sure the company knows this. Now replacement time has come.

  15. terrible Pan. Eggs stick so bad you waste 25% of your omelette, with or without grease. Everything sticks. This pan does nothing that it purports to do. I’d give it a Zero if I could

  16. Interesting comments…I just bought one, fried two eggs, slid off easy. Just like cast iron you have to let it heat to the right temp fist. Cast Iron will stick the foods if you don’t wait and let it heat properly.

  17. I ordered a smokeless grill last Christmas and received it in a reasonable time. I looked forward to using the grill. It seems the electric control does not work because it is very loose when plugged in. Being resourceful, I found a West Bend control allows the grill to heat, but I’m not sure of the temperature. If you have fixed that problem I would appreciate getting either a good control or a fix.

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