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Hurricane 360 Spin Mop Review

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop Review


hurricane 360 spin mop reviewsI love my house and I love my family even more, but I have to admit that mopping floors is the pits. Not only is it always a two-step process, first I have to sweep and then I have to mop, but I then have to bend over the mop bucket, wringing out the mop. Plus, the mop never gets quite clean, and there is always the risk of just spreading a lot of grease and dirt around the floor, making my efforts futile.

Eventually, I became resigned to the fact that I’d have to be more conscientious about emptying out the dirty water and sweeping the floor before mopping. But then I saw a commercial for the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, which effectively addressed all my concerns about mopping, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been very happy with this mop so far and I’m glad I gave it a shot.

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How It Works

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is a microfiber mop that comes with a special bucket: While the bucket contains the mop water, as you might expect, it also includes a spinning basket that literally sucks dirt, hair and water from the mop, giving you a clean mop head for each use. All you do is dip the mop in the water, put the mop head into the spin basket, and give it a few quick pumps with your foot. This causes the mop head to spin around very quickly sucking all the water and nasty mess out of the mop.

The mop is special as well: It is made from a microfiber that really does a number on dirty floors. It gets dust, grease and hair off the floor, and you don’t even have to sweep before using it. Even better, the mop handle bends at the end so you don’t have get on your hands and knees to get under furniture or in tight corners.

One of my favorite things is that the mop head can be thrown in your washing machine when you’re done. This ensures you will have a clean mop for each use.

[notdevice]Here is a video that shows you the Hurricane Spin Mop in action as well as some testimonials from other users:


Pros and Cons

Hurricane 360 has its pros and cons, just like any product. Still, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


  • Your hands never touch the mop water.
  • Mop heads are machine washable so you can keep them clean after each use.
  • No need to sweep before using the Hurricane 360. Just start mopping!
  • The mop bends so that it can reach under low furniture.
  • The microfibers grab dust, dirt and hair better than a sponge mop.
  • The spinning basket actually cleans the mop with each use, instead of just wringing out the dirty water.
  • No electricity needed. Use a foot petal to spin the basket.


  • The Hurricane 360 isn’t very large, so you’ll need to empty dirty water and replace with fresh water for each room that you mop. This isn’t a big deal to me though since I know I will be getting clean water for each room.

Where to Buy It

I got mine online from the official website, which was by far the best deal that I found. Not only did they throw in an extra mop head for a small up-charge (this is optional, you don’t have to get the extra mop head if you don’t want to), but I also got a free $15 gift card that can be used for any As Seen On TV products. Along with that, I was able to split the cost into two payments and got a 30 day money back guarantee. I’m not sure if the Hurricane Mop is sold in stores, but if it is, I’m guessing they don’t offer as good of a value.

Final Recommendation

If you have a floor, and who doesn’t, you need Hurricane 360 Spin Mop. Not only will it help you keep your floors clean, but it’ll protect your back and joints since you won’t be bending over all the time when you mop. This device is a huge time saver, and I recommend it to everyone. It’s got a money back guarantee, so why not give it a try and see what you think?

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  1. I order it last night, but I could not get a live operator. I do not know what Aim paying so I will refused it.

    • Hi Rose,

      Did you order through the website or did you call them? If you order through the site, it’s only 2 payments of $19.99 plus $12.99 for shipping. However, they do throw in a Free $15 As Seen On TV gift card which is a really good bonus. You can use it for any As Seen On TV products in the future. I’m not sure if they offer the same deal if you order through the phone which is why I generally recommend people just place their order through the site.

      It’s a great mop so I would definitely recommend you keep it and try it out. I think you will like it 🙂

    • I do not remember ordering this mop,but there was nothing in the box where to return it not anything no freebes for me I will not send it back because I did not order it and there are no instruction on returning,

      • if you bought for hsn go to they web site they have live chat

    • I am getting one, but a free one is no longer included so I might
      as well go to Bath and Beyond. I will not have to pay shipping and if
      there is something wrong I can just take it back. The price is the
      same and maybe less at Bath.. because I do have a coupon.

    • Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and ruignnn.

  2. I received my mop a few days ago ( took only 2 weeks to get it) and am pleased with the way the mop works and of course being able to spin it and not having to wring it out by hand is wonderful. The only complaint I have is that the handle is a bit flimsy, I would like the handle to be more rigid. I am worried that I will break it while mopping. Other than that it works really good so far

    • Hey Claudia,

      Yeah it’s an awesome mop. I do see what you’re saying about the handle, but I think it’s meant to have a little “give” to it so you can maneuver it into smaller places (seems like it helps with that a little). I wouldn’t worry too much about breaking it though. Even if you did somehow, they should send you a new one for free 🙂

    • I have had my spin mop for 3 years now, I even purchased 3 more for my kids and 1 for my sister. The first 3 weeks I had mine the blue plastic piece that connects the handle cracked. I tried getting a new piece but I have been unsuccessful. I have been told I need to purchase a new handle and mophead. I don’t need more mopheads, I just would like a new connector piece. right now I have it duct taped with stabilizing strips on both sides of the metal handle. Can anyone assist me with this ??? I love my spin mop best invention other than the connector problem!!!!

  3. I ordered 2 mops plus an additgional head on approx 6-19-13. I check the order status daily and all it shows is my order and paid in full. How do you know when this product will be shipped. I noticed on one site that there were complaints of not receiving the articles. Also, it does not show the $15 card which supposedly I was to receive…Whats up with this? Doesn’t do any good to call as I was on hold for 30 min and no one ever answered

    • Hi Pat,

      I believe it can take up to 3-6 weeks for delivery sometimes. Try to call them during slower hours (early morning or later in the evening before they close) and see if you can get through to someone. Or maybe try to just email them and see what they say. If you ordered on 6-19 though, you should probably be receiving it soon. The gift card is a bonus item so I don’t think it will show up on your order details, but it should be included in the package when you receive it.

      • The spinner and bucket in general should be larger. The mop head just fits into the spinner, but not when dry.
        The commercial shows mopping up wet stuff easily, actually the mop just soaks up the liquid. My mop head looks bad after one heavy duty use in the basement.
        Alittle disappointed in the quality of construction.

        • Bucket gears are plastic & it slips & bucket quits! I have bought at least 6 of these in the last 5 yrs! Compny daid they have never had complaints on the buckets! REALLY! Need to make gears out of metal not plastic!


      • That insight solves the prmlbeo. Thanks!

  4. I ordered this back on the 19th of June and still have not seen it can not get a hold of anyone and the tracking service say to keep checking back??? I would like to know what is going on with my oder????

    • Hey Shelly,

      They say it can take 3-6 weeks for delivery, so you should be receiving it pretty soon. If not, try sending them an email or calling during non-busy hours to try and get through.

    • We ordered ours around June 1st. Got it June 17th. There was a TV show on the “AS SEEN ON TV” items and the Hurricane Mop was one of the top 5 items. When I ordered, I got an email that said it was on backorder. That may be why some of you are getting yours late. My main problem is that by ordering with the 800 #, it was only a recording…no live person. Somehow, I got talked (recorded) into getting the deluxe version for $49.95. I looked at the invoice that came with the product, called them and a “live” foreign person who I could barely understand explained to me what happened. However, I did get a $15 refund…or so he says as it will be posted in 7 – 10 days!! Time will tell. AND we do love the mop!!

  5. I been using the hurricane mop for 2 months and I love it my floors have never been so clean and the fact that I don’t have to tush the dirty water is great. I love it.

  6. I love the mop head but i’m having a problem with keeping the handle parts together. Is there a special way to put it together to make it stay together?

    • Tracey,

      I never really had an issue with mine. What exactly is happening? Maybe I can help.

    • I have duct tape my handle

  7. Can you buy the hurricane spin mop in the stores

    • Walmart has them price about 39.88

    • I got mine from CVS, It has The Foot Pedal to spin your mop, Works Good to me

      • Glad to hear it, Viola! Thank you for following the site!

  8. I ordered my mop/bucket several days ago, but I can’t seem to track it. The system keep saying “information not found”. Am I trying to track it too early? How long does it take to show up in the “system”?

  9. I just placed a T.V. telephone order and had the same experience as Rose above commented. The recorded voice talks so fast that you don’t know exactly what you are ordering. I ordered the 1 mop at 2 payments of $19.99 + shipping and handling. I am supposed to received a second for only $19.99. The recording kept trying to sell additional merchandise and I kept hitting 0 for zero ordered but it sounded like something else is added to the order. I will dispute any additional merchandise and applicable costs.

  10. li am trying to find a store that sell the hurricane mop. on the tv.they said if you order now you get the other mop free but when I call I never can talk to a person it tell you to place an order . tell me what to do please thank you Gloria.

  11. I have a spin mop and want to wash the mop head but I can’t figure out how to take it off. I thought you just tilted it but that isn’t removing it and I’m afraid if I force it, it will break the plastic. Is there a trick. Unfortunatly I threw away the instructions that came with it. I should have hung onto them.

    FYI, I love, love, love this mop. My floors have never looked so good.

    • Never mind. I figued it out. You have to step on the mop strings and tilt is and it pops off of the round plastic circle. Into the washer right now. Best mop design ever.

  12. I ordered one (( 1 )) AND WENT TO THE POST OFFICE AND THERE Were three ((3)) mop buckets. what do I do now.?

    • Did you pay for three or just for one?

  13. mop head matted up washed in washing machine after use and dirt did not come out. product junk.

  14. Just tried out new mop. Love it. Works just like they advertise. I did have an issue with the handle unscrewing when I did the spin but realized this it because you are supposed to hold onto the wide blue section of the handle. They forget to tell you that little thing in the instructions.

    • Duct tape it I did

  15. I think I was overcharged.
    I thought it had wheels. Maybe I was mistaken. If it doesn’t, wheels would make it the ideal product. Next generation.

    • There is a Trolley that you can buy for $15 that the mop bucket sits in. It’s really nice because you can push it around with the mop. It’s well worth the $15 because I don’t have to lift the bucket continually.

      • Apaticipreon for this information is over 9000-thank you!

  16. I love my mop. I don’t have the 360 degrees one but not a problem. My issue is that my handle did break and I can’t get it back together. It’s the section under the spin handle grip. For now, I’m going to duck tape it. It’s not the spin part, thank goodness.

    • I told my kids we’d play after I found what I neeedd. Damnit.

  17. my question is.. is this the original spin mop sold on hsn?


  19. my question is, is it worth the $ ??? ive been deciding whether i want it or not???

    • A bit suprirsed it seems to simple and yet useful.

  20. In the past I loved my hurricane mop. Then it became difficult to press the foot pedal to spin it. It made a loud ratcheting noise and went slow. So I ordered a new one since I have 6 dogs and use it a lot. I didn’t want to be without it. I ordered the deluxe model. It came Jan 25, 2014. Now it is doing the same thing already. I called customer service and got a foreigner who couldn’t pronounce anything. The only thing he said was mail back the bucket and we might send you a new one. I was an big fan of this product, but am very disappointed now. All I need is a fix for the ratcheting sound.

    • Ditto to everything said by Mary Lou Church…love it but gear mechanism had same issue. Sending back bucket is not practical. If broken should just be replaced.

  21. Question… I want to order but I do not understand what makes the mop “spin” WHILE you are mopping. The infomercial does not explain this. Thank you

    • Sandra:
      I totally noticed that too. They do not say a word about how it seems to spin when she was mopping the wall!!! GOOD question.

      • Keep these artcelis coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.


    • Your answer was just what I nedede. It’s made my day!

      • Wow! Great to find a post knickong my socks off!

  23. Need help figuring out how to get the mop head off.

    • how to change mop head?

  24. Wow this mop definitely doesn’t perform as shown on TV or in the product demo video. The mop head is much smaller than shown. The mop head is wobbly when mopping making it difficult to use as the mop head does not sit flat on the floor. In gave 2 stars only because it does spin water out of the mop as shown, but even then you have to make sure the mop is inserted perfectly into the basket. I’ll stick with my old cotton mop and wringer tyvm


  26. Help help my mom ordered but when putting together to try it the handle broke at the bottom where the little hoke inserts to the pin section Does the company sell the handle by itself please. Let me know

    • I would suggest contacting the company directly through their official site

      • I don’t know what my husband did with the invoice(it’s on his visa card) but my handle broke also and I don’t know how to send it back for a replacement. Otherwise I think this mop is the GREATEST thing since sliced bread!!!!

  27. I ordered 2 mops one for work and one for home. They are really easy and make any job go fast and the floors look great.

    However the plastic is very brittle, I hung the mop on a hook in the work closet above the bucket. When the plastic hook on the top of the mop cracked in half I hung it up side down (mop head neck between 2 hooks) Then the mop slipped off from in-between the hooks into the bucket the hole bottom of the bucket just shattered like a mirror.

    I called the company and she said we will send you out a new one, After a month had gone by I called back to ask when can I expect my replacement bucket. They said send the broken one back and we will send you a new one, I was not told to do this one month prior to this call. At this time I was told I had to pay to ship it back and pay to have a new one delivered.
    I spent $24.00 to have 2 shipped to me and would have to pay $14.98 to send one back and $14.98 to have it resent to me. I don’t feel it is worth purchasing it again knowing how brittle the plastic is and that it could crack into pieces at any time.

    This is a good product but not made well and they do not stand behind their product.

  28. I clean disabled people’s homes for a living. The best mop I have ever used. Doesn’t push the dirt around like sponge or rag mops. I mopped my floor with it after I did it with the sponge mop. The dirt it got off my floor as unbelievable. Embarrassing even. WORTH EVERY PENNY.. If you have a Walgreens, they are selling it for $39.95. Inside the box there is a coupon for two extra mop heads for only $5.99.

  29. I purchased Spin mop several months ago. Loved it. I had just had a knee replacement and can no longer get on my knees. This worked wonderful until the pedal to spin the mop quit working. I purchased another and wonder if anyone else had this problem.

  30. This is an awesome mopping system. It’s replaced my stream mop for quick clean up. However, my wish would be a stronger mop handle & stronger pump system. My feet pump is already broken. Do u do replacements?

  31. The pedal that operates the spinner broke after just 3 uses. I would like to get this replaced. It is a flimsy product. Maybe thats why they are not on tv anymore.

  32. I loved this mop so much at first made everyone buy one the then the plastic part snapped broke around the area of where the mop head is but on the stick. and the screws rusted and the feet peddle no longer work . it was great at first but did have it long before it broke and rusted

  33. Was under the impression the mop spun around on the floor.
    Spins in the bucket with no problem. Was I wrong to assume that it spun on the floor?

  34. Still waiting for answer to my question that I submitted over the weekend.

  35. It works well and easy to use. My problem is that it does not pick up human hair. Im not talking about a lot of hair, a hair here and there. It just moves it around and never picks it up. My other problem is that it being made of plastic and from the motion of the spinning it has cause the bucket to split open at the bottom. First, the manufacture should come up with a mop head that will pick up any hair instead of just moving it around and second the bucket should be made with a heavier plastic should it won’t break apart. Otherwise I think it works well except I manually have to pick the hair whenever i see it.

  36. Love mine,tried it out today, and got my floors really clean.

  37. i got mine and after 3months it stopped spinning and won’t spin water out of mop.called and foreigner woman said they would replace it and asked for my credit card number. I ain’t giving numberto no body .why would she need credit card number if they were replacing bad bucket without charge?I just told her I was going to contact BBB.I loved the mop and the waay it cleaned especially with arthertis its hard to wring out a mop.


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