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Night View NV Glasses

Night View NV Glasses

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On July 20, 2013
Last modified:June 10, 2018


We sometimes have to do a lot of driving at night, which I admit makes me uncomfortable. It’s always harder to see at night, and the glare of all those headlights can make it impossible to really see clearly.

I get worried about the kids and tend to drive slow because I’m afraid of getting into an accident. My husband feels the same way. We’ve tried wearing regular sunglasses, but they just don’t cut down on the glare enough. Plus, those dark lenses can make it even harder to see.

Then I was watching TV one day and I saw a commercial for these Night View NV Glasses. These glasses have special yellow lenses that block the glare from headlights and other lights, making it really easy to see. I ordered two pairs (they have a buy one get one free offer going) and when they came in, we gave them a try on the first night. We were surprised and amazed at how well they actually worked. Now my husband and I both wear Night View glasses whenever we drive at night and they help out a lot.

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How Night View NV Glasses Work

Night View NV Glasses

Night View NV glasses are just like any other sunglasses, except they have yellow tinted lenses that are designed to block blue light. This reduces glare and makes it much easier to see at night when you have headlights constantly pointing at your eyes. Objects appear more clear and less fuzzy too. Plus, you’ll reduce your eyestrain, something that can cause eye fatigue and even affect your mood.

We keep ours in the car so we can put them on as soon as we get behind the wheel. In fact, I even wear mine when I am sitting in the passenger seat so that I don’t have to squint at bright lights.

Another thing I really like about these is that you can also wear them during the day so you aren’t restricted to just having them on at night. This allows you to get more use out of them.


Check out the commercial to learn more if you haven’t seen it yet:




Pros and Cons

Like anything, Night View glasses have their pros and cons, but I really think they are worth using. They work great for us!


  • Yellow lenses block glare, making it easier to see both at night and during the daytime.
  • Classic aviator style frames are suitable for men and women, pair well with any look.
  • Lenses are coated with a UV protector, keeping your eyes safe from UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Super tough. I was surprised at how sturdy these glasses felt.
  • Lenses can handle all kinds of glare: Including glare from headlights, pavement, even snow!


  • These glasses only come in one frame style and color. I wish they had more styles.
  • Prescription lenses are not available.


Where to Buy Night View NV Glasses

Definitely get your glasses through the official website. That’s where I bought mine from and I got a really good deal. You’ll get a free bonus offer: Two pairs of glasses for the price of one. . .just pay extra shipping. Plus, you’ll get a money back guarantee in case you’re unhappy with them for any reason.


Final Recommendation

If you drive at night, and most of us do, you need Night View NV Glasses. They’ll help you to see better and you won’t have to constantly battle eyestrain. They are also great on days when you don’t need really dark sunglasses, but do want to protect your eyes from UV rays and avoid glare. Give them a try!

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  1. Those are too sweet! Will be looking into this more.

    • Yeah they are pretty cool glasses. Let us know how you like them if you end up ordering.

  2. cool product

  3. Does anyone know if there will be a ‘clip-on’ style for people who ware glasses already? They could help me a great deal in the winter.

    • According to their webste, they do not, cos I guess they’re assuming that everyone who weRs glasses CAN wear contacts, even though I’m one of those who cannot.

  4. when will i receive my glasses? I ordered the polarized version more then 3 weeks ago . i’m still waiting

  5. I haven’t tried these, but i believe this, “just pay extra for shipping” may be a gimik to get more dollars.(Adopted by many tv ad products) Be interested to know what others think.

  6. Why can’t I just purchase 1 pair? I don’t need 2 pair!

  7. This is exactly what I need for night driving, but I need the clip-on style to wear over my prescription glasses.

  8. The product sounds wonderful – but I refuse to buy any product that requires paying separate processing/handling/shipping charges. I worked in an order-filling position once – when an order comes in, you put the quantity in one box. So the process and handling charge is the same. I don’t know the difference in weight between one or two pair of glasses – but it can’t be that much.

    My mother ordered a product from an offer like this once – buy one, get one free, just pay separate shipping/processing/handling fees. When she received it – both products came in one package and the shipping was next to nothing. She really felt like she was ripped off.

    A local store near me has a section of “As Seen On TV” products – I usually wait for a product to be on the shelves.

    I would probably purchase this product if the shipping/processing/handling charge covered both pair.


  9. I was disappointed that you do not have clip-on style glasses for those of us who wear prescription glasses. This would solve the problem of supplying prescription glasses for those who cannot use regular glasses. Please consider supplying clip-on versions. Thanks

  10. I purchased the glasses online, and got 2 of them. Then I was in J C Penny’s Granet Run mall auditorium they had lot’s of them, 1 each in box. I use them all the time at night and cloudy weather.

  11. Clip-on styles would be helpful for those of us who already wear glasses.

    • You can find the wrap-around style that you can put over your glasses on

  12. Do they come in a clip on for people who wear glasses?

  13. I could overlook the non stylishish part …IF….(which they DON’T).they worked… of my biggest waste of money and yours too if you buy them///////I foolishly didn’t save any receipt or boxes/they came in to refund them(my 2nd mistake)

  14. If it’s just the yellow lens that makes the difference, we can purchase yellow lens sunglasses at any department or discount store and save on the shipping and handling.

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