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P90X Review

P90X Review

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It seems like the P90X pops up everywhere you look these days. You’ll see it on the TV in countless infomercials. Most of them are rather well produced and convincing. I’m certain that most of you know someone who is now totally ripped. Some of them may have reached this conclusion through one of the most hardcore (yet effective) workout programs out there. So, does the P90X actually work, or is it simply a case of an over-hyped fitness program for gullible people? Things are generally never so cut and dry. Luckily for you, I’ve actually tried out this product in today’s P90X review so that you will know if it’s right for you. Here are my thoughts on it.

​How the Product Works – P90X Review

The P90X plan is complex. When buying it, you can either purchase the P90X Base kit, Deluxe kit, or the Ultimate pack. Ultimate includes everything in the aforementioned two sets and much more. Here’s what you’ll get: twelve workouts specifically designed to develop your muscles and ‘speed up’ your metabolism, a fitness guide (which you can customize to your needs), a set nutrition plan described in high detail, a calendar for progress monitoring, and access to a 24/7 support line. The workouts are completed within 7 days a week. They include strength, cardio, core and yoga workouts. The Ultimate kit also includes three power cables, a power band, the P90x protein supplement, 5 DVDs with advanced workouts, plus a chin-up bar designed for the program.

​Pros and Cons


  • ​The P90X fitness plan really ‘holds your hand’ through the different workouts to compensate for its relative difficulty. For instance, the manufacturers make the nutrition plan very detailed. They tell you exactly what and when you should eat.
  • ​The workouts included in the P90X effectively build muscle mass and strength. They are perfect for overall conditioning as well. You will see results because any workout plan this intense will unfailingly produce results.


  • ​The P90X workout plan is really over the top and unnecessary in regards to the grueling intensity. You will get in shape while wasting less time working out (i.e. lifting, pushing, and pulling).

​Where to Buy P90X

As usual, when purchasing something online, your best bet is to go directly to the source (or the manufacturer’s website). You will get access to several purchasing options such as buying both the base and deluxe kit in a single package: the Ultimate P90X. Buying P90X from its official website allows you to watch all the infomercials in one centralized place. You can also read through the customer testimonials. Personally, I felt ‘infected’ with the workout bug after doing so. Finally, when you buy here, you may opt to pay for the product through three monthly payments of $109.85. You must also pay $39.90 for shipping and handling. Alternatively, you could simply pay for the entire purchase in one lump sum.

​Final Recommendation in our P90X Review

I don’t want you to get the impression that the P90X doesn’t work. The P90X worked wonders for me. In just under three months, I packed on tons of muscle mass. I know that this system works for many other people too. I have seen it work with some spectacular results. It’s not that I hate working out or am scared of a little bit of effort. In my time using this program, I realized that it was incredibly effective but not user-friendly for beginners. The P90X will exhaust you, eat up a ton of your time, and possibly even encourage you to develop a very unhealthy relationship with food. That final point deals with the fact that P90X encourages a clean, albeit strict diet. This diet program tells you what to eat every day, six times a day. If you’re already a workout freak who just loves spending time increasing muscle size, the P90X will absolutely take you to the next level. I highly encourage that you check it out. For the rest of you regular Joes out there, I recommend looking around for another alternative.

Review of: P90X

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On January 28, 2015
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