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Perfect Pie Cutter Review

Perfect Pie Cutter Review

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  • Safe?

Have you ever admired the beautiful slices of pie at a local restaurant? Check out the pastry case. Chances are, there’s a nifty divider in each pie, keeping the slices uniform and the slices fresh by sealing out the air along the sides of each slice. For years I wanted one of those things for my own pies, but I figured that only restaurant owners could get them. But then my mom told me about the Perfect Pie Cutter  and sent me to the website. I got one, and I love it!

Cut with the Perfect Pie CutterHow the Perfect Pie Cutter Works

It is very easy to use the Perfect Pie Cutter: Just position the device above your pie and press down. Instantly, you’ve got even slices of pie, ready for serving!  If there is leftover pie, just cover the pie, and the Perfect Pie Cutter, with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Your pie stays fresh and the top of the cutter holds the wrapping up and off the pie itself.

Once you’re done with the pie, place the cutter in your dishwasher for easy clean-up.

Pros and Cons of the Perfect Pie Cutter

I’ve never tried a product that didn’t have both pros and cons, and the Perfect Pie Cutter is no exception. Have a look at the things I’ve spotted before making your decision:


  • Control portions with even cutting.
  • Keep pie tops looking great by keeping plastic wrap from getting into contact with fragile meringue or pie crust.
  • Keeps cut pies fresh by sealing off exposed edges.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with a matched spatula that safely lifts out pieces of pie.


  • The Perfect Pie Cutter determines the number and size of the slices, so you can’t cut “slivers” of pie without first using the Perfect Pie Cutter and then cutting with another knife. You can, however, get an 8 piece Perfect Pie Cutter for the cost of shipping and handling when you order from the official website.
  • You’ll still need plastic wrap for wrapping the pie.

Where to Buy the Perfect Pie Cutter

The official website has the best deal on the Perfect Pie Cutter. You get a money back guarantee and a free spatula. You can also get a FREE bonus 8 slice cutter, just pay shipping and handling.

Final Recommendation

If you regularly bake pies, tarts or quiches, shouldn’t you try to keep them as fresh as possible? Restaurants have known how to best cut and store pies for years, so why not follow their lead and get a Perfect Pie Cutter for yourself?

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