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Perfect Polly Pet Review

Perfect Polly Pet Review

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On June 21, 2013
Last modified:June 6, 2018


My kids love animals, but with a cat and a dog, we just don’t have the room, energy or money for additional animals. Still, the kids kept asking for a parakeet, and they almost wore me down.

But after visiting with some friends and meeting their parakeet, I realized that there was no way that my kids were going to assume that much responsibility. They just aren’t ready to be constantly cleaning cages, refilling water bottles and making sure the bird has enough food.

I told the kids to forget about getting a parakeet. But then, one weekend, they visited their grandmother. She had a new “pet” called Perfect Polly that was a very lifelike parakeet replica that moves and sings just like a real bird! At first it seems like a silly product, but I must admit, this thing is pretty darn cool. I bought a few for my kids, and they each love having their own Perfect Polly Pet. The best part is that it’s way easier to have one of these than it is to get a real parakeet.

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How Perfect Polly Pet Works

Perfect Polly isn’t a real bird, but you wouldn’t know that when you first see her. She moves, shakes her tail feathers and sings just like a real parakeet. She can sit on her perch or will even sit on your finger, just like a real budgie! But her antics are motion activated and when the room is dark, she doesn’t make a sound. This is good so you know she isn’t going to wake you up in the middle of the night or anything. You don’t have to feed her, give her water, or clean any cages – just enjoy having her around!


Pros and Cons

Like any product (or pet) there are pros and cons to Perfect Polly, but I still think she’s great:


  • No need to feed Polly, clean up after her, or take her to the vet.
  • Safe to have around kids and other animals.
  • This beautiful bird looks great in any room of your house.
  • Kids love having a Polly Pet of their own, and no fighting with the kids over feeding or taking care of their pet.


  • Polly isn’t a real bird, so she may not provide the kind of companionship some people need.


Where To Buy

You can buy your Polly Pet online, through its official website. If you go through the official site, you get a money back guarantee and are eligible for a free bonus Polly Pet, just pay extra for shipping and handling!


Final Recommendation

Perfect Polly Pet is a fun alternative to a live parakeet and is often a more responsible choice than buying a pet that you might not have the time to care for properly. She is a lot of fun to have around the house and is a great conversation piece as well. Plus, her low cost makes her a very affordable gift!


Perfect Polly Commercial

Here is the official commercial in case you haven’t seen it yet. Yeah the commercial is kinda cheesy but it shows how the product works 😛


  1. This is a toy that looks fun every kid loves animals that can talk. i think this is cool !

    • It is a pretty cool toy. At first glance it’s like “really, a fake pet parakeet?” but once you actually have one and see the way it works, it’s fun to have around.

    • Please keep thownirg these posts up they help tons.

  2. Creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. The bird works as advertised. BUT it does not look as advertised. There are not chest feathers or chest covering of any kind–so you see the battery door, screws, etc.

    The photo on the video–and I got a magnified look of the perfectpolly site–definitely shows the Perfect Polly product with the chest covered. No mechanical works are showing.

    I called the company and they told me I was confusing the product with a picture of a real bird. I was not. The photo I was looking at–all of the photos of the product–showed the odd separation where the head fits onto the obdy (pretty sure nature doesn’t do it that way). It was the product. And it had the chest covered.

    Young children will like it as long as you’re prepared that it looks mechanical.

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