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Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars Review

Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars Review

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My family is a pretty active bunch: We love going to sports games and nature walks. My husband also hunts a few times each year. Normally we rely on binoculars for up-close viewing of sports teams, birds, wildlife and nature, but lately we’ve become a bit disenchanted.

Decent binoculars are expensive and really heavy, giving us the occasional bout of neck and back pain. Not to mention you need to use both hands to hold them to your eyes, meaning you can’t use your hands for anything else. We also just can’t afford to buy a pair for everyone in the family, and the kids get restless about taking turns.

We really couldn’t come up with a better alternative, so we continued to drag our binoculars out every time we went to a game or out for a weekend camping trip. But then my husband’s buddy told him about the Zoomies hands free binoculars, and we decided to buy a set. Since we got them, we pretty much packed away our standard binoculars.

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How Zoomies Work

Zoomies are hands-free magnifiers: Just put them on like normal glasses and dial the magnification that you need, up to 300%.  You can even dial in “sunglasses” if you need them. No extra weight around your neck and your hands remain available. The cool thing with Zoomies is that they aren’t just for outside. You can use them as reading glasses, while doing crafts, or to see your television better. If using them indoors, just turn the magnification way down to where it’s just right.

I keep a few pair around the house for when my parents visit: If they don’t have their reading glasses handy when we are watching TV or just hanging out and reading, they can use our Zoomies instead.

Because they are so lightweight and sturdy, they are great for kids: We bought pairs for the whole family, at a very affordable price. This reduces the risk of your expensive binoculars getting damaged. It also means that the kids aren’t fighting over who gets to use the binoculars.


Pros and Cons

Like all things, Zoomies have their pros and cons. I love them, but you should know all the details before you make a decision.


  • Lightweight design helps prevent neck and back strain.
  • Can be used as binoculars or reading glasses.
  • Includes sunshade to protect your eyes and reduce glare.
  • Hands-free design is great for hunters, crafters and workers.


  • Only one style and color.
  • They aren’t the most “stylish” and you may feel kinda silly wearing them.


Where to Buy

Definitely buy your Zoomies online straight from the manufacturer’s site. You’ll get the best price, plus a money back guarantee. They’ll also double your order for just an extra shipping and handling charge. Along with that, they throw in free bonuses such as neck cords and cases.


Final Recommendation

If you need long-distance vision, or just need to improve your eyesight on occasion, order your Zoomies today. This is great eyewear that gives both your neck and your pocketbook a break. They are inexpensive and come with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.


Zoomies Commercial

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, here it is below.

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  1. One question: If a person wears glasses can you put these over the glasses or does this eliminate glasses?

    • They won’t eliminate prescription glasses because they don’t have prescription lenses, but they may be tough to wear over your regular eyeglasses. Your best bet would be to use contacts with the Zoomies so you still have good vision but can also take advantage of the product.

      • Most Sunglasses are designed to slip over prescription glasses. I have a pair of HD Night and Day Sunglasses that slip over my glasses and they are wonderful. If your product were up to date it could the same thing too.

      • i actually tried them after taking out my contacts, just out of curiosity, and they DID get my vision to perfect. that said, they were a little uneven and strained my eyes when i did that. (iim seriously nearsighted, and had the lenses pushed nearly all the way out. pretty sure thats not how you are supposed to use them, but it can work, short term.

  2. Would folks with Macular Degeneration be helped using these when reading?
    Thank you.

    • That’s tough to say Randa. I’m not a doctor so I’m not sure the way macular degeneration works and if these would help or not. Zoomies work almost the same as regular binoculars do, so if you are able to see better with binoculars, then these should help as well.

    • My mom has macular degeneration, and can see shapes on TV but no details… I bought these for her and set them to the strongest setting and she can now see faces and details on the TV. They may not help everyone, but I figured for only $10, it was worth it. I’m glad I did.

  3. Think about it, people give you those “looks” when wearing them…Look at yourself in the mirror. Many woman approach me when I wear my Zoomies and say, ‘Cool cat’, then laugh. Zoomies have improved my vision and social life.

    • Yeah they are definitely cool/goofy looking at the same time I think. Kinda give you that cyborg look lol. Either way though, they work pretty well so I don’t mind.

  4. Could they help someone with vision problems that needs to drive a car? They do make special glasses for visually impaired people to assist in driving, but they cost upwards of $4000.00.

    • If you have something medically wrong with your eyes and seeing while driving is hard, then no I would not recommend these. I would see an eye doctor as they are really the only ones that will be able to advise you on what to do.

  5. I’m sure they are good but the design puts me off.

    • Yeah I’d have to agree that they aren’t the most stylish pieces of eyewear. I wish they were a little less dorky looking too, but oh well.

  6. There is no way these are actually 300x power.

    • Rob,

      I think you may have read it wrong. It’s 300% magnification so it would be 3x the power. Haha that would be pretty cool if they were 300x though 😛

  7. This has very nice quality and is a must have. I would recommend this to everybody! It is great for camping, and I am looking forward to using it again.

    • Thanks for your review Ken. They do have a lot of uses and camping is one of them. Good to hear you’re enjoying the Zoomies!

  8. This is to die for. I gave this to my brother as a gift and he loves it. It is very convenient and handy. I wish somebody would get me this for a gift.

    • Maybe your brother will be nice enough to return the favor lol. Maybe put it on your birthday list?

  9. There good not great, wonder what the thing that came with them is?

    • Thanks for your review Cynthia. The things that come with them are just a neck-cord to keep them from falling on the ground and a case to carry them around in.

  10. Can you wear these and still be able to see the iron sights of a rifle? IN other words, is this a viable alternative (albeit, lower powered) if you do not have a scope on your hunting rifle?

    • Hey Hunter,

      Sorry for the delay in answering this one. But no, I don’t think this is a good alternative to the scope on a rifle. A rifle scope is going to be much more powerful and clear, not to mention have the crosshairs. However, these would be a good option to just scout the area before lining up your scope, so I definitely think they can come in handy while you’re hunting.

  11. I am vidusly impaird.Just wondering how large the eye lense is on the inside.

    • Jimmy, the inside is similar to binoculars (maybe a little smaller). Keep in mind though, these aren’t going to improve your vision if you need corrective lenses. They are just for magnification, similar to the way regular binoculars work.

  12. Hey, if I order 4 pair of these can I pay the $10 S&H just once?



  13. These are no good, they don’t work like binoculars and you can’t read with them.

    • I’m surprised you feel that way, Clayton. I really enjoy using Zoomies. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer?

  14. I would like to know how to get a refund. I am totally dissatisfied with them, I bought them for close up work and they don’t work at all.

    • Hey, Wanda. Thanks for the question. I’m sorry Zoomies didn’t work out for you. I recommend contacting the manufacturer of Zoomies. You can find them in the article’s links.

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